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Stephen Bros have now been breeding and racing pigeons for over 50 years. Their philosophy is simple. Breed a winning family of pigeons that consistently score top prizes. They recognize that a functional and well built loft is essential. Super health combined with a training and conditioning system is needed for top performance. They have bred generations of winners.

About Us

Stephen Bros started racing in 1971. In the beginning as junior members they flew with the Mountain Concourse of Southern California. Then members of the Compton Racing Pigeon Club which releases among thousands of pigeons with the Southern California Federation. Currently they are members of the GHC and Unit 10 clubs in Spring Hill Florida. The breeders usually raise 3 rounds each year. The youngsters are then flown on the lighting system and motivated for the races. The old birds are flown on dual widowhood. The birds are clocked in on race days using the Benzing M1 electronic clocking system. Each year the birds are tested to the fullest. Great pigeons and consistent performance every year are the keys to success.



The Birds

Their pigeons are based on the Art Hees and Maurice Verheye strains. These are among the best pigeons in the USA. They have won numerous local club races as well as state and national awards. These birds also have done well in out of area classic races. They have also shown to be  excellent for crosses. Performance starts in the breeding loft. Results




The Lofts

The new lofts were built starting in 1994. The young bird loft consists of 4 identical sections. Each section is 6' x 8'. There are box perches 12" x 12" in each section. The widowhood loft has nest boxes which are 24" x 24". The feed room is 6' x 8'. The breeders loft is 16' x 10' with 2 sections. There is also an open air garden aviary 6' x 16'.



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